Konstantin Vodopyanov MirCombs Research Group, CREOL – the College of Optics and Photonics, Univ. Cent. Florida

Our group develops groundbreaking techniques for producing mid-IR and terahertz coherent radiation and explores their diverse applications. The areas of research embrace generation of ultra-broadband frequency combs in the mid-IR and THz and study of their coherence properties, Fourier-domain mid-IR spectroscopy including dual-comb spectroscopy, ultrasensitive molecular detection, spectroscopic study of dynamic processes (e.g. combustion), and nano-IR spectroscopy. We also explore supercontinuum generation in fibers and waveguides, photonic THz wave generation, THz imaging via up-conversion, as well as applications of lasers and frequency combs for bio-medical research.

Mir Combs Group CREOL UCF

Research Areas

Ultra-broadband frequency combs  Optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) have long been recognized as a versatile means of producing optical output in important spectral regions unreachable by laser sources. The mid-IR (> 2.5 µm) is one such region …   see more

Dual-comb MIR spectroscopy Mid-infrared spectroscopy offers unparalleled sensitivity for the detection of trace gases, solids and liquids, based on the existence of strongest telltale vibrational bands in the 3-12 µm …  see more


Photonic THz wave generation   Photonic generation of THz waves via frequency down conversion in electro-optic crystals is an attractive (thanks to the progress in developing compact near-IR optical sources) but inefficientsee more


NANO IR spectroscopy  The ability to identify material under the tip of an atomic force microscope (AFM) is one of the Holy Grails of scanning probe microscopy. While AFM can measure mechanical, electrical, magnetic and thermal properties  ….  see more

Latest News

  • July 3, 2019. Qitian Ru successfully defended his PhD thesis in Optics and Photonics: “Broadband Mid-infrared Frequency Combs Generated via Frequency Division”.
  • June 3, 2019. Dmitrii Konnov successfully passes CREOL PhD Qualifying Examination (the ‘Qualifier’).
  • March 27, 2019. Qitian Ru became the winner of the UCF Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition and walked away with a 1000-dollar prize.  There were 10 finalists and they were judged on the ability to effectively convey the essence and importance of their research in an engaging way to a non-specialist audience in just three minutes, with one PowerPoint slide. Qitian will continue competing on the national level.
  • March 2019. Qitian Ru is on the front page of the 2019 CREOL Industrial Affiliates Symposium booklet
  • March 2019. Taiki Kawamori  successfully passes CREOL candidacy exam.
  • February 2019. Our paper was published in Optica:  T. Tomberg et al. “Background-free broadband absorption spectroscopy based on interferometric suppression with a sign-inverted waveform”,  Optica 6, 147-151 (2019).
  • January 2019. Qitian Ru  successfully passes CREOL dissertation proposal exam.
  • January 2019. Our paper was published in Optica:  S. Vasilyev et al. “Super-octave longwave mid-infrared coherent transients produced by optical rectification of few-cycle 2.5-μm pulses”, Optica 6, 111-114 (2019).
  • August 2018. Suyuan Chen and Dmitrii Konnov join the group as graduate students.
  • April 2018. Our paper was published in Nature Photonics: A. V. Muraviev, V. O. Smolski, Z. E. Loparo, and K. L. Vodopyanov, “Massively parallel sensing of trace molecules and their isotopologues with broadband subharmonic mid-infrared frequency combs”, Nature Photon. 12, 209–214 (2018).
  • 14-Feb 2018. Konstantin Vodopyanov gave a talk at Mayo Clinic (Jacksonville, FL) “Detection of biomarkers and their isotopologues using laser spectroscopy: potential for non-invasive medical diagnostics”.
  • June 2017. Taiki Kawamori  successfully passes the CREOL Qualifier Exam.
  • June 2017. Our paper was published in Optica as a ‘Memorandum’ (a special format for very quick dissemination of the most important results) :  Qitian Ru, Nathaniel Lee, Xuan Chen, Kai Zhong, Georgiy Tsoy, Mike Mirov, Sergey Vasilyev, Sergey B. Mirov, and Konstantin L. Vodopyanov, “Optical parametric oscillation in a random polycrystalline medium,” Optica 4, 617-618 (2017).
  • March 2017. An article “The Science of Scent” appeared in Pegasus, The Magazine of the University of Central Florida – about biomedical research of our group, see:
  • Feb 2017. Nate Lee became a finalist of the Regeneron (former Intel) School Talent Search (STS) national competition and gets a $29,000 prize.
  • Jan 2017. OP-GaAs optical parametric oscillation achieved at 1.05 GHz repetition rate with a 2.35-µm pump
  • Dec 2016. Paper by Qi-tian Ru et al. The paper “Instantaneous spectral span of 2.85 – 8.40 microns achieved in a Cr:ZnS laser pumped subharmonic OPO” was ranked number one by the “LASE; Nonlinear Frequency Generation and Conversion: Materials and Devices” Committee at Photonics West Conference to be held in San Francisco
  • Nov 2016. Qitian Ru successfully completes his CREOL candidacy exam.
  • Sept 2016. New Group Member: Taiki Kawamori. The Mid-IR Combs Group welcomes Taiki Kawamori to join the group as a Graduate Student.
  • Aug 2016. The world’s first optical parametric oscillator based on random phase matching in a disordered polycrystal – ZnSe ceramic – was demonstrated in our lab.
  • Jan 2014. Konstantin Vodopyanov joins Editorial Board of the ‘Optica’ journal.
  • Jan 2013. Konstantin Vodopyanov joins CREOL.

Group Meetings

Group meetings are on Fridays, 9:30-11:00, Room 320 CREOL building.



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